Beliefs…. Truth or a Myth

     17-18-24-25 July  2020
   A 4 Days Webinar By:
Beliefs Truth or a Myth

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THE MINDPOWER proudly presents “Beliefs…. Truth or a Myth” a 4 days power packed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based webinar. This program will primarily focus on enabling you to become aware of what are some beliefs that”s empowering you and what are some of them that’s disempowering you. This webinar will also help you recreate some powerful and helpful beliefs for yourself.

Who is this meant for?

Any one above the age group of 16, with a desire to bring about a difference to their life, can participate in this. From students to homemakers to executives can truly benefit from our program.  

Benefits of this program

·  Understand how your mind works and how you think

·  Understand what are beliefs

·  How are beliefs are formed

·  What are some of the negative beliefs you are operating with

·  What are some of your empowering beliefs

·  How to get rid of the negative / disempowering beliefs

·  How to create some empowering beliefs that will help you achieving your goals