What is NLP?

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a revolutionary Study of ‘How’ we think and communicate with ourselves and others, and  ‘How’ we can use this information to get the results we want.

Neuro – refers to our Nervous System/Thinking

Our experience of the world comes from how our 5 senses namely visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory take in the information from the world around us. The information is gathered, processed, and coded as memories or experiences in our brain.

Linguistic – refers to Language

Refers to the way we communicate and interpret experience or our mental world through words and phrases. It also refers to our unconscious language of postures, gestures and habits that reveals our thinking.

Programming – refers to Habits/Behaviour

Refers to the way we construct personal or habitual ‘programs’ or patterns (similar in some ways to computer programs) of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Just like a computer, each of us runs specific programs to produce our behaviours. We can use our minds to program the behaviours we want more of and eliminate behaviours that are not useful to us.
The core of NLP is modelling successful behaviours.

Why NLP?

Achieve Success

NLP teaches you how to use your mind to achieve your desired outcomes and reach your goals. By understanding how you think and communicate, you can create a roadmap for success.

Manage Emotions

NLP learning provides techniques to manage your emotions and access empowering states of mind, which can help you perform at your best and achieve your goals.

Goal Achievement

Neuro-Linguistic Programming learning helps you identify and focus on what you want and teaches you techniques to overcome any obstacles that might stand in your way and ultimately reach your goals.

Eliminate Unhelpful Behaviors

NLP equips you with methods to replace destructive habits and behaviours in your everyday routine with productive ones that benefit you more effectively.

Deal with Negative Memories

By learning how to reframe negative memories and experiences, NLP can help you overcome emotional trauma and improve your mental health.

Conflict Resolution

By improving your communication skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you navigate conflicts and reach mutually beneficial solutions.

Build Rapport

NLP teaches you how to build rapport, understand others, and create positive connections with people, which enhances your personal and professional relationships.

Healthy Relationships

By learning to communicate effectively, NLP can help you improve your relationships with others, build stronger connections, and develop more meaningful bonds.

Winner Mindset

Neuro-Linguistic Programming learning can help you develop a positive mindset, increase your self-confidence, and improve your overall performance in all areas of your life.

About the Trainer

Sriraam Thyagarajan

“Sriraam is a highly experienced NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner, and Life and Performance coach who excels in creating positive and engaging learning environments. He has trained hundreds of people from various backgrounds and has certified successful Practitioner batches. As a coach and trainer, Sriraam has helped many professionals achieve their full potential and has worked with large corporates on leadership programs based on EQ and Psychometric tools.

Sriraam has over 19 years of experience in leading and developing various business roles, handling large teams and regional portfolios in financial services, banking, and telecom industries. He has worked for companies like Airtel, HSBC, Radio Mirchi, and MTS Telecom, to name a few.

Sriraam is also a film and theatre artist, having acted in over 12 Tamil films, 250 stage shows, and various TV commercials. Sriraam strongly believes that every individual has limitless potential and can achieve true success with the right mindset and approach. He believes that NLP is a powerful tool that can help people unleash their full potential.”

Do not wait for Tomorrow!

What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or not possible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are – Tony Robbins



Professional and expert coaching


Collective experience with over 10+ industries


Integration of NLP


Customized coaching plans


Goal and result-driven


Many hundreds of lives transformed

NLP - The Way of Life

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“In the three months of undergoing the course, I received much more than what the course had promised to be. Sriraam certainly equipped us to be more mindful of our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and gave us a treasure trove of techniques to help us overcome these in ourselves and live better lives.The way that Sriraam strove to connect with each of us, lend a personal touch to the training sessions, that for me was the game-changer. Courses in NLP are available by the dozen, but this one truly stood out.”

– Priya Cibi

“I have always wanted to understand how we humans think and work. That’s why I took up Neuro-linguistic programming course and it was a very insightful course.
Mr Sriraam is one of the top NLP Trainers in India and his expertise helped me develop new skills, build rapport with people, solve problems and get rid of my bad habits. I feel whatever industry I work in, these skills are transferable and immensely required.”

– Vikram

“I am an entrepreneur and my abilities and vision have a direct impact on my business. With THE MINDPOWER, I found ways to excel in my personal life and my business equally.
My mindset changed from feeling stuck to feeling limitless and when we are confident, we pass on that energy to our whole team. I wish I had met Mr. Sriraam at an earlier stage of life, but I am still very happy that I came across his life-changing coaching and said yes to self-transformation”

– Sanjay Kumar

We are product of our thinking. What we think is what we do, and what we do is what gets us our results. There are many times you may think in unresourceful ways. This may not help you in your growth. NLP is a methodology that helps you understand your thinking and behavioural patterns. By applying NLP in your life, you can get over such unresourceful thoughts and lead a happier life. A life that is truly in your control.

If you are someone who wishes to lead a happier life and achieve all that you want, a life that is truly of your choice, then you must learn NLP.

By being a part of this program, you will learn various methodologies and techniques that will help you deal with situations in life. You will get an understanding of how to deal with these situations and get over them. So by consciously applying these techniques, you can truly get over all your Limitations.

Yes. On completion of this program, you will be certified as an NLP Practitioner. This certification comes to you from a federation called NFNLP (National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming) based in the US. This is an Internationally recognized certification.

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