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best life coach in India

Positive Sense

Work with you to craft your purpose and determine a positive sense of direction in your life.

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Explore Possibilities

Explore possibilities for any challenge in your life

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Self Confidence

Help you find your self-confidence/self-esteem

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First-Hand Advice

Broad experience is always a bonus.


We are one of the top Life-Coaches in India, changing lives by helping you explore the true potential of your mind. We believe that your true potential lies within you and with the right direction and guidance you can harness it.

Being based out of Chennai, we are highly sought after for NLP training, Business coaching, and Life coaching.

Improved Personal Life

Improved Personal life

People who have been coached by us have experienced better emotional health and overall wellbeing.This has improved their quality of life, peace of mind and has given them the confidence they need to take control of their life.

Excellence in professional life

Excellence in Professional life

You can reach your professional aspirations and overcome challenges with the right mindset and resources. Our business coaching services and programs help you shift your mindset to a winning attitude with a solution-centric focus. This helps in developing your leadership skills and also makes you a great team player, ready to handle challenging environments.

A step closer to connecting with your inner self

A step closer to connecting with your inner self

Experience transformation with the top Life-Coaches in India. One can’t live life to their fullest unless they connect with their inner self and embrace the strengths they have. All successful people invest in connecting with themselves, which helps them deliver their personal and professional best.



Professional and expert coaching


Collective experience with over 10+ industries


Integration of NLP


Customized coaching plans


Goal and result-driven


Many hundreds of lives transformed

Do not wait for Tomorrow!

What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or not possible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are – Tony Robbins

Who can get Coached?


Students who are looking for ambitious careers


Professionals who wish to keep growing


Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Business Owners


Anyone who wants to explore their inner potential


Someone who feels the lack of confidence or direction


Teams and corporates who wish to reach their goals


“I have been an HR for over 20 years now and I came across MindPower when I was looking for life coaching in Chennai for my team. I was highly impressed with the approach and was glad I found the person to take my people to the next level. Mr Sriram was highly insightful and his industry experience made our people connect with him so well. Our employees communicate better now and work with each other smoothly and are amazing at conflict resolution. I am very happy with MindPower and recommend it to every company for their growth.”

– Ashok Ramachandran

HR professional

“I have always wanted to understand how we humans think and work. That’s why I took up Neuro-linguistic programming course and it was a very insightful course. Mr Sriram is one of the top NLP Trainers in India and his expertise helped me develop new skills, build rapport with people, solve problems and get rid of my bad habits. I feel whatever industry I work in, these skills are transferable and immensely required.”

– Vikram

“I am an entrepreneur and my abilities and vision have a direct impact on my business. With THE MINDPOWER, I found ways to excel in my personal life and my business equally. My
mindset changed from feeling stuck to feeling limitless and when we are confident, we pass on that energy to our whole team. I wish I had met Mr Sriram at an earlier stage of life but I am still very happy that I came across his life-changing coaching and said yes to self-transformation”

– Sanjay kumar


Message from the Coach

Mr. Sriram Thyagarajan

“People often look for help, resources, and happiness outside. In my years of experience as a trainer, coach, and mentor, I feel the happiest when people turn inwards and start growing after the program. I am glad that I get the opportunity to show people their potential and make them feel like they can achieve all their dreams and goals. They come to me feeling life controls them and once done with the coaching feel that they have the tools to control the pains and pleasures of life. And that right there is what makes me truly content.”

The greatest personal limitation is not found in the things we want to do or can’t do, but in things, we have never considered doing – Richard Bandler

Sriram is A Certified NLP Trainer from NFNLP, USA.
A certified Master Practitioner from NFNLP, USA.
A certified Life & Performance Coach from Neoway Academy, Bangalore.
Associate Certified Coach from International Coach Federation (ICF)
A certified Lumina Spark Practitioner from Lumina Learning, UK.
A certified Lumina Sales Practitioner from Lumina Learning, UK.

He is a top NLP Trainer in India and has worked with multiple industries and personalities. He has over 18 years of expertise in the field of business development prior to becoming a Coach and Trainer. He has worked with various corporates including Airtel, HSBC, MTS Telecom, and Radio Mirchi.
His passion has propelled him to work with people to explore their endless possibilities.

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