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Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the present rather than the past. A coach is not an expert but just a facilitator of learning.

There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn. In coaching the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance. In other words, helping them to learn.

Coaching strongly believes on the fundamental that “Every coachee has the capability to find their own solutions for their problems. They just need to be guided.”

From famous business tycoons to sports stars, they have life coaches who work with them to overcome challenges and develop inner strength. If you have felt a lack of confidence and that you feel fearful while making decisions, getting a life coach helps you address it. A life coach can bring you to better time management, focus, good habits and also support you during major transitions of life.

Business coaching primarily involves bringing out and enhancing the leadership of a person so that they can grow in their career and life. It will help a person identify their skills, strengths, passion, vision and can give the right direction and focus. Business coaching can be individual and for teams and groups.

A coach will

  • help set your goals /aspirations and co-create ways to achieve them
  • work with you to get a fresh perspective on things
  • work with you to craft your purpose and determine a positive sense of direction in your life
  • work with you to bring out the best in you
  • explore possibilities for any challenge in your life
  • help you resolve pending conflicts within you
  • help you develop a new behaviour that you desire to exhibit
  • work with you get over phobias and allergies
  • help you find your self-confidence/ self esteem

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is learning the language of the brain. It is used to bring conscious change in a person’s thoughts and behaviour. It is used to break mental barriers and train the human mind to embrace its full potential. One can learn NLP to enhance their career as a coach or use it as a skill that can help them in their respective career or profession.

Coaching is a process through which a coach identifies the areas that you are stuck with and works towards finding a solution. A coach works on the principle that “you have all the resources within you”. He /She does not provide solutions to a problem but works with you to find your own solutions. A coach works towards creating a healthier future for you than curing the past.  Life Coaching focuses on the present and the future and not much on the past and hence is very different from a counselling or psychiatric treatment.

NLP is a study that allows you to understand your own thoughts, language, and internal programming. As human beings, we are constantly thinking. We usually apply our conditioned patterns in dealing with situations. This will only give us the same kind of results we have been generating so far. In order to get better / different results, we need to be able to think and behave differently. NLP makes this possible. NLP allows for increased awareness and improves our ability to deal with situations differently. NLP paves the way to handle our emotions in a more useful manner. NLP is a life skill and not just a simple study.

Anxiety is a state of mind. This is usually caused by overthinking about something in particular. This can be about our past, present, or future.
A Life Coach will help you analyse this situation and deal with it with more clarity. This process will help you be more mindful and deal with the situation in a better manner. A Life Coach is someone who can throw light on your thinking patterns and help you design better solutions in dealing with the situation that is causing the anxiety. A Life Coach is another independent mind outside you.

Any business owner or self-employed person is out there to make it big and successful. Their journey is about achieving results and fulfilling their vision of building a large and profitable organization. In this journey, encountering challenges is a given. While some challenges can be easy to handle, there can be many occasions where one can feel stuck and unsure of a way forward. This is the time when working with a “Business Coach” can prove beneficial. A business coach is one who helps you see thru these challenges and help you find your path forward. The Business Coach will help you move past your limitations, be it professional or limitations in the mind. The Coach will help you and guide you in identifying resources that will help you build and achieve your dream organization. While the journey of a business owner or self-employed person can be a solo one, the Business Coach walks the path along with you to make it enriching.

Every individual’s life is filled with aspirations and challenges. Each of us is constantly working towards achieving what we want in life. While many times, we feel the challenges that we encounter are because of situations outside our control, what we fail to realise is our inner strength and ability to handle these situations. Many people tend to build imaginary walls around them that stop them from being their best. A Life Coach is someone who can help you see your best potential and be the best version of yourself. This can include, helping you reflect on your inner fears, beliefs and limitations. A Life Coach will help you break these imaginary walls and move past towards your best potential.

NLP Is a study that deals with your thoughts, Language, and Internal programming. NLP allows you to decode your own thoughts, behaviors, language, and your beliefs, and fears. This awareness will prepare you to deal with yourself in a much better manner. Awareness of NLP and its techniques helps you be a better person. It promotes for you to
a. Be more confident
b. Be aware of your current experiences
c. Deal with your thinking limitations
d. Deal with your limiting beliefs
e. Deal with your internal fears
f. Improve your communication skills
g. Enables your ability to influence people
h. Help you create useful behaviors and responses
i. Works on your Phobia and Allergies
j. Develop new strategies for problem-solving

Overall provides you the freedom of living a life of your choice than being a victim of the situation.

NLP is a study that allows you to understand your own thoughts, language, and internal programming.
Every human being has the ability to think and respond to situations. What differentiates one individual from the other is our ability to think and how we use them. What makes NLP effective is its ability to make individuals understand themselves and apply themselves in various situations. Thus it makes NLP an effective tool for any individual who wishes to make a difference to themselves and people around. This can be a student, working professional, business professionals, Housewife, retired people etc

Frequently Asked Questions

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