Lumina Sales

Lumina Sales scientifically enables you to develop your people and to grow your revenue. By understanding how your qualities support the sales process, and mitigating the impact of your overextensions, you land more sales. By focusing on return on relationship you simultaneously maximise return on investment.

Lumina Sales maps sales professionals across 24 Qualities that impact sales competence and determine Sales style.

It also plots competence across the six distinct stages of the Sales cycle. Using the Lumina personality science – report also reveals how individuals may overextend under pressure to produce unproductive behaviours.

This data serves as a blueprint to help sales professionals continuously evaluate and improve their performance. It shows them how to adjust their approach and stay in respectful alignment with the client and their priorities.

Sales Leaders now have a common language with which to map talent, coach hi-potentials and develop their teams. Lumina Sales bolsters development centres and makes Sales training very personal and contextual to the sales professional.

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