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Sriram Thyagarajan

Life & Performance Coach | NLP Trainer | NLP Master Practitioner

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Welcome to The Mindpower

Hello. My name is Sriram

I am a Certified Life & Performance Coach from Neoway Academy, Bangalore
A certified NLP Trainer from NFNLP, USA.
A certified Master Practitioner from NFNLP, USA.
A certified Lumina Spark Practitioner from Lumina Learning, UK.

It is my passion that has propelled me to work with people and help them explore their
world of possibilities.
Prior to starting my coaching work, I have had over 18 years of expertise in the area of
business development and have worked with various corporates including Airtel, HSBC, MTS
Telecom and Radio Mirchi.  Wanting to live my passion, I took a break from corporate life
and stepped in to the world of films and theatre. I have acted in over 10 films with several
leading actors and directors of the industry. I am also a passionate theatre artist with over
200 stage shows to my credit.
Coming from a sales background, and being in the film industry, increased my passion to
work with people. Thus, began my journey into the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic
Programming) and Coaching.
As a Coach, it is my absolute privilege to work with you. I commit to support you in your
journey towards a better present and a transformed future.

Get in touch with me to unleash your “Mindpower”.

Early Life

I started my career as a sales professional. Having completed my post graduate diploma in sales and marketing, working with people was always my passion. As a sales professional, I got the best of exposure to understand human psyche and deal with them. This acted as a great foundation for me. Wanting to follow my passion, I quit my 18 odd years of corporate life and stepped in to the dream world of films. With no prior experience in this industry or with no one to guide me, every step I took was a learning by itself. This journey only strengthened my belief that working with people is the best experience one can get in life

Coaching journey

Understanding human behaviour and how our mind works fascinated me. This led me to enrol in to
the NLP Practitioner’s program with Neoway Academy in Bangalore. That marked the beginning of
my journey with NLP. With a practitioner’s certification, I understood the basics of how human mind
works and what some of the important aspects of dealing with it are. A Masters certification in NLP
gave me an in-depth understanding of how our thinking and language decides the way we deal with
life. As a certified Life & Performance Coach, I feel extremely empowered in my abilities to work with
people and their aspirations. The journey with NLP felt endless yet enjoyable. I decided to pursue my
NLP Trainer’s certification as well.In the last several years, I have had the opportunity to work with several people and help them
experience their greatest breakthroughs in life. I truly feel that there is nothing more satisfying than
helping a person achieve their goals and reach their outcomes.
Today as a Life & Performance Coach / NLP Trainer / NLP Master Practitioner, I am extremely happy
and proud to work with so many aspiring minds.

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” – Tony Robbins

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